highly layered photoshop style image with that says "sound is a network technology"

A Special Office Hours: Sound is a Network Technology

Dunkunsthalle, 64 Fulton Street, New York, NY 10038

sound is a network technology is a sound art experiment and conversation featuring artists that blur the lines between the internet, the NYC underground, and the traditional sound art world. 

These works have been composed specifically for the Dunkunsthalle space—thanks to a bespoke, 8-channel sound system created by Emmett Palaima. 


About the Artists

Dani Rev is both an internet and IRL legend. her meticulous mastery of anything she touches, ranging from hardware to CDJs, has been experienced countless times via virtual parties, clubs, raves, and DIY spaces. Dani and manapool started ChaoGardem as a way to build a worldwide community and provide a platform to internet dwelling artists in 2022, and since its creation they’ve released 20 compilations, shows internationally, and organized an absolutely thriving discord community, and even have been featured on soundcloud

Dani is a part of melting point, an iconic collective and ongoing rave series that brought previously separated groups of rave-makers together in both protest and fundraising to provide legal aid to families detained by ICE. Lastly, she’s a longtime member of both 909 worldwide.


pent is an experimental audio project that examines sonic phenomena through compositional techniques such as temporal shifting, perceptual distortion, and spatial obfuscation. 


illuminated distance 

unreliable narration 


structural defect 




Dorothy Carlos is an experimental cellist and electronic musician working in New York City and Chicago. Her work utilizes Max and randomized effect pedals to explore fragility and unpredictability. Recent solo performances have been presented by e-flux, Experimental Sound Studio, Hyde Park Arts Center, and Big Ears Festival.



Emmett Palaima is an artist working with electronics and esoteric processes of sound creation. His practice is conceptually rooted in the idea that technology and magic are one and the same, and that electricity is a manifestation of the divine or elemental forces underlying physical reality. In his work he seeks alternatively to celebrate the power of this force and give it worship, through the creation of devotional objects and intensely physical electronic experiences, and to analyze humanity’s relationship to this force in the context of a globalized industrial economy.

His past work includes solo and group gallery exhibitions, exhibition at Currents New Media Festival and Fusebox Festival, work as a Sound Technologist for immersive installations with Meow Wolf Creative Studios and Dadalab, work on installation audio for the Whitney Biennial and the Palm Springs Art Museum, performance as a touring musician with Elizabeth Colour Wheel, and professional design of guitar pedals and synthesizers. His practice is a consolidation of these diverse influences, combining elements of functional and aesthetic design, sound, performance, and immersive space. He currently lives in Brooklyn, NY.



Ex Wiish, a fleeting dream, and the project of Ben Shirken, sound artist based in New York City. Their practice is collage-based and involves working with Max MSP in tandem with modular synths and chamber instruments to write generatively based yet composed soundscapes and AV works.

Shirken is the founder of record label & performance series 29 Speedway which features improvisational electronic music, 4-point guerrilla sound installations, and live multimedia performances. Shirken also produces for and plays modular synths in acclaimed free jazz supergroup ‘Nu Jazz’.

Their debut record, “Shards of Axel'', is out on Incienso June 23, 2023. Born from a story-based video game composition; the listener finds themselves as the disoriented main player respawned into a harrowing, metallic landscape, wandering through cable ridden labyrinths, caught in progress traps as digital noises grind past submerged cityscapes.


QUALIATIK is a multimedia artist, producer, and engineer preoccupied with the throughlines of science, psychology, and metaphysics. Their sound uses a range of generative and organic processes to cut a lucid atmosphere from the contractions of the subconscious. QUALIATIK’s work “addresses the traumatic collision between the material and the abstract, specifically how the anxiety of a body bound to form gives rise to other forms: forms that demand articulation in the wreckage between the psyche and embodiment” (Tiny Mix Tapes).


QUALIATIK co-founded the “fantasy-driven” NYC-based label/collective Unseelie in 2017 along with Dasychira, Sentinel, and Kodi Fabricant. During the pandemic, Unseelie collaborated with global collectives to throw an online festival, nu:CENOSIS, on digital avatar platform IMVU. In 2018, QUALIATIK held a year-long residency at Queens venue H0L0, where they organized a late-night multimedia event, Paracosm, twice a month. They have produced a long catalog of mixes as a resident of London radio station Rinse FM, curating selections from over two dozen artists of varied sonic and geographic origin. QUALIATIK’s debut EP, Discarnate, was released in June 2019 via their own label, Psychoid Devices, along with a self-directed music video for the record’s single, “Mother Tongue”. The release was followed by a self-booked tour, which brought the live show to nearly 50 venues across Europe and Asia over six months. QUALIATIK has also developed multimedia work for Issue Project Room (NYC), MUTEK, Creamcake (Berlin), PC Music (London), and Cavallerizza Irreale (Turin).


This will be one of QUALIATIK’s first presentations of experimental work since their return to NY, after a two-year hiatus to finish degrees in Neuroscience and Psychology. QUALIATIK talks more about their work in both music and neuroscience on The Creative Independent.