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Rhizome champions born-digital art and culture through commissions, exhibitions, scholarship, and digital preservation. Founded by artist Mark Tribe as an email discussion list including some of the first artists to work online, Rhizome has played an integral role in the history of contemporary art engaged with digital technologies and the internet.

Since 2003, Rhizome has been an affiliate in residence at the New Museum of Contemporary Art in New York City. Founded in 1977, the New Museum is a leading destination for new art and new ideas. Together, New Museum, Rhizome, and NEW INC, the first museum-led incubator founded by New Museum in 2014, explore the future of contemporary art and technology.

Rhizome is a 501(c)3 organization that relies on grants, partnerships, and contributions from individuals like you. Become a supporter today!


Rhizome Board of Directors

  • Greg Pass, Chair
  • Fred Benenson, Vice Chair
  • JK Brown
  • Tracy Chou
  • Alex Chung
  • Renny Gleeson
  • Lindsay Howard
  • Trevor McFredries
  • Hilary Nève
  • Keith Obadike
  • Mendi Obadike
  • William Palmer
  • Lisa Phillips
  • Ron Rosenzweig
  • Lisa Roumell, Treasurer
  • Mark Tribe
  • Josh Wolfe
  • Karen Wong
  • John Wotowicz


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