News from Rhizome HQ

Here at Rhizome we begin 2021 with some bittersweet news: after more than four years with the organization, Aria Dean is stepping down as Editor and Curator to pursue her solo artistic practice as well as an exciting new project.  

Over the past four years, Aria has made an enduring contribution to Rhizome’s program. She researched broadly and deeply for Net Art Anthology, surfacing works that might otherwise have been overlooked such as Galloway & Rabinowitz’s Electronic Cafe 84 and Pope.L’s Distributing Martin. Her research on Black visibility and white male identity politics led to memorable programs such as New Black Portraitures and the “Info Wars” research season. As editor, she brought in impactful writing such as Ryan Clarke’s “Reverse Hallucinations in the Lower Delta” and “Digital Resources for a Movement Against Police Violence.”

Although she will see out two unannounced projects with Rhizome, Aria will be deeply missed. We are excited to see how she applies her considerable talents in the future!