DEMO2024: Random Access Memory, June 5-20 at WSA

Tickets are free on a first-come first-served basis. To register for tickets, please visit the tickets page.

DEMO2024 is NEW INC’s multi-day festival and gathering for people at the leading edge of art, culture, and technology. Anchored by the work of NEW INC'S Year 10 Members, the festival gathers national and international visionary creators for a series of demos, exhibitions, and broadcasts giving shape to the next generation of creative leaders.

Rhizome partners with NEW INC on the Art & Code track, which is a space for artists, designers, researchers, and technologists to study together over the course of a year to redefine artistic landscapes through internet-based practice. This year, track members present Random Access Memory, a series of talks, performances, demos and an exhibition featuring new work by Y10 members.

See the full Art & Code Schedule.

Make sure to look out for exciting activations by Y10 members happening throughout the festival, including…

- A conversation with Camila Galaz, co-host of Our Friend the Computer podcast, Todd Anderson, Co-Director of School For Poetic Computation, and Herdimas Anggara, artist, on June 5 at 1:45pm

- Art & Code Track Talks on June 6 at 3:15pm, with presentations by Babette Thomas, Chia Amisola, Elekhlekha, Maya Man, and Ruby Thelot. Following the presentations, Eileen Isagon Skyers, the track’s Mentor-in-Residence will moderate a group discussion.

- A live-coding collaborative performance by alsoknownasrox and maya on June 6 at 3:15pm,

- Artist Ian Cheng will give a keynote on June 6 at 4pm, and will discuss his past work using AI agents to explore simulated environments, as well as his new company Opponent.   

- On June 6 at 5pm, Rafia Santana will deliver an audiovisual performance. 


The Art & Code showcase is curated by Eileen Isagon Skyers, Art & Code Track Mentor, and produced by Tony Tirador.